Website Success Blueprint by Paul Barrs 

website success blueprint by Paul Barrs

WARNING: Your Website Business Could Be Losing Up To Ten Times It's Profit Potential if You're Not Using the Proven Formulas and Systems That The Big Guns of Internet Marketing Are Using!

"Why Almost Everyone Is Dead Wrong About How to Create a Highly Profitable Website and Internet Business… And How You Can Avoid The The Lies And Turn Your Website Into A Cash Generating, Money Making Machine Overnight!"

Debbi Bressler

Debbi Bressler

(Take a listen to this outstanding audio message Debbie left on my answering machine -)
This is a great concept! The biggest problem I see is analysis paralysis with so much information available that people don't have a clue where to go.

Website Success Blueprint provides an easy-to-follow point-and-click system for anyone starting out with an internet marketing program. The use of videos is outstanding, as not everyone learns strictly from the written word.

And, I've gotta tell you, a hidden bonus is simply the ability to study the layout of your product. The flow charts and graphics which lead to your audios and videos made it very clear. If anyone wants to create information products, it's worth the cost for this alone!

Debbi Bressler, Editor
The Home Business Review Magazine

From Paul Barrs.

Dear Friend,

You may be losing as much as ten times in the sales and profits that you rightfully deserve, if your website sales system is based on anything less than a "Fully Automated" marketing plan and strategy system. That's right… Ten Times!

That's how much 'credibility based' lead capture strategies, 'reliability based' traffic strategies, repeat customer plans and efficient conversion mechanisms can increase your sales and profits by. You see, todays profitable business rules for websites are dramatically different to what you may have learned in the past (if you learned them at all).

Unfortunately, most of the top marketing courses online today only teach one small piece of an over all HUGE PUZZLE, which leaves you to try to 'piece it all together'. Don't get me wrong, there are many great teachers around that can teach you specific information about any number of specific areas. But do they really deliver the complete truth about website marketing?

Are you one of those people who's purchased program after program, product after product and not yet seen the results you wanted too?

I mean, has your website income *really changed* all that much in the past year?

Well, here is an extremely bold promise to you.

You are about to discover one of the first manuals ever (if not THE first) to reveal the whole truth on creating websites sales systems that actually sell on the Internet... Something that could explode your website sales into orbit...

A resource that is being endorsed by some of the biggest names in Internet marketing (as well as people who are just getting started) ... Something people will continue to talk about for years to come.

And if you hang with me for a minute, you'll quickly see that this resource is completely down to earth, quite simple to learn, and devastatingly profitable.

But first…

"How A Single Father With Three Children and Zero Computer Skills Came To Discover The Truth About Internet Business and Website Marketing!"

When he first came on the Internet mid 2000 he started with a beat up old computer and a "Computers for Dummies" Book. Although he'd had already been involved with top level sales and management in the corporate world he found that this PC stuff was way out of his league.

So what did he do? He went out and and did what most people did. He got hold of everything he possibly could on website business and Internet marketing.

He spent thousands of hours on research… (and far too much money)... from low priced ebooks to high priced seminars, tapes and manuals. He studied the programs of some of the biggest names in Internet Marketing!

Yet despite his efforts, some of the critical pieces were still missing.

He quickly discovered that only a few people in the world really knew, or were prepared to share the whole truth about Website Marketing on the Internet.

But that didn't stop him. So he continued to read the books, he attended the $2,000 + seminars, he even phoned people up!

Until FINALLY! he found those missing pieces.

But his relief quickly turned to anger…

You see, he was damn angry that he had to go to the ends of the Earth to get the whole story! And he was even angrier that people were still getting ripped off with half baked, over priced products that simply didn't deliver the full story!

Who am I talking about? Yep, you got it - myself!

It took me nearly three years to finally put all the pieces of the Internet Business Puzzle together. And since then I've been able to enjoy as much as 250% growth per annum in my business - which now amounts to a 6-Figure income each year.

However, after recently attending yet another $2,000 + Internet Marketing Seminar, and seeing that hundreds of other people were still struggling just like I was a few years back, I decided to end the lies and put it all on paper…


"The Website Success Blueprint"

The First 'Complete (step by step) Guide' to Creating Website Sales Systems That Sell Like Nothing You've Seen Before!

'The Website Success Blueprint' is a totally unique, one-of-a-kind education resources which covers all the critical pieces of the puzzle that the other courses leave out!

In fact, the information in this course is so whole and complete, it is not being revealed or taught as a whole by anyone else in the market!

That is an awfully big statement to make, but you don't have to take my word for it.

Just listen to what some of our current customers and other teachers are saying about it:


As you know, I don't do very many testimonials but in this case I just had too.

You have a winner with Website Success Blueprint. It is without a doubt the best ebook on the steps people need to take to become successful in online marketing. If I would have had this ebook when I first started out, I could have saved thousands of dollars. Whether you're brand new or a veteran in online marketing, you're going to learn from this amazing course.

Now, I know why you're the success you are Paul. Fantastic Job!

Charles E. White

PS. I was going to just skim through this and go to bed. Hell, I watched every video and read the whole thing. You really did a great job on this ebook.

Another message on my answering machine -
Yet another amazing product filled with fantastic content!

If your looking for something that takes all the pieces of the business jigsaw and puts them all together blueprint has to be the only one product that you should get.

Graeme Parry

Another message on my answering machine -
You have done an excellent job with Website Success Blueprint.

As I clicked through I was amazed at how easy it will be to follow your "Blueprint" to Website Success. This shows your leadership in helping others to succeed.Good luck and keep up the good work.

I appreciate what you have put together and will use it to the fullest extent!!

Tony Gischer.

Bob Busanovitch

Hello Paul,

OnlineBob here, I found your Website Success Blueprint to be an excellent program for painting the Big Picture of a Money Making Website!

Thank you.

Bob Busanovitch, OnlineBob

Another audio message -
For the last two hours I've been watching and listening to yourWebsite Success Blueprint. I have just been sitting here and absorbingall you had to teach. Boy I wish I had this information when I firststarted out.

It would have saved me approximately 18 months off mylearning curve. You've taken me step by step and held me by the handthrough the down and dirty methods for making my website a success.

I just wanted to say that I loved your viral marketing methods videoas well as your "Shy Yes" secrets video. Sometimes I wish you wouldn'tshare these secrets with everybody.

Thank you Paul for creating this fantastic resource which can take anyzero to an online hero.

Paul Kleinmeulman

John Bertone


I've got to say... You've created a great product that will no doubt "clear the air" from confusion and allow a person to follow a simple proven system that actually works.

Once again, you've over delivered on your promise!

John Bertone

Great step-by-step course layout!

I like the easy to follow steps

. The traffic building techniques alone are worth more than the price you charge!

Fantastic course Paul!

Bret Forster,

Hi Paul,

Your ebook Website Success Blueprint is the third product I have purchased from you regarding the building and the running of a website

. Each of your products have built on each other to provide me with the knowledge, skills and confidence to build my own site.

Without doubt Website Success Blueprint is your best product yet, as it both overviews the total picture and at the same time take you step by step through the process using audio and video.

Well done!

Kym Kirk,

If a person REALLY wants to kick-start their business and has gotten past the basics of building a website, the WEBSITE SUCCESS BLUEPRINT is the path to take.

Building on the information in this ebook, Paul, you give anyone but the newest neophyte the tools and ways to take their business from just hangin' on the web to cha-ching after cha-ching!

The audio lessons enhance the video lessons (or, vice versa) and it all goes step-by-step. Especially loved the various ways to drive traffic to your site--that alone is worth the price

. Thanks for an amazing product!!

Christi Upson,

At last concise quality info, in an easy to follow programme, by someone who has actually made money on the internet.

Noel lyons,

You may have heard similar promises in the past, so...

"Let Me Share With You An Incredibly Powerful Reason Why This Course Is So Different Than Anything Else On The Market Today!"

There is a myth online which says you can jump in today, create a few pages, turn around a few subscribers, and then after 15 or so clicks of a button - you're set, you're made - the money will start coming in. While the principle is mostly true, there are some critical differences that could cost you up to Ten Times in lost sales and profits if you don't follow them.

Why is 'The Website Success Blueprint' different? It's different because it reveals every single step of the way on the path to Web business success. From Traffic to Conversion, from Product to Cash Creation. Every essential strategy, tip and technique is based on hard market research and has been proven to be incredibly profitable in an online environment.

It's the first manual to reveal all the missing pieces of the website jigsaw puzzle the other courses miss out!

In fact, here are 5 powerful reasons why this course is so much more complete than anything else you've seen before:

"It Shows You A Complete System For Creating Websites That Sell... And It's So Incredibly Simple, Anyone Can Follow It!"

There are lots of Internet Marketing courses being sold today. Some good, some completely useless. What makes 'The Website Success Blueprint' different is this:

Instead of just explaining just one or two of the pieces of the Website Success Puzzle, 'The Website Success Blueprint' covers every single piece of the puzzle. You see, most people can tell you how to do one thing, or how to do another - in fact you're probably very good at some areas of your business. But not many people could ever sit you down and say - here is step one, this is what it is, and this is how it works. Now here is step two ... and so on.

But it's not just knowing how to "do a thing" that bring about success, it's "knowing where that thing fits in with all the others" that achieves success. When you can understand and see the "Complete Picture" you'll suddenly understand how you can make it work for you; and you'll also understand how you yourself can create your very own highly profitable websites..

With the information provided inside the "Website Success Blueprint", you'll be able to create a solid foundation from which you can build your business from, and you don't have to be a 'techo-geek' to do it. The step-by-step processes are so simple and incredibly easy to follow, that anyone can learn it.

And that's what makes this manual so different, so much more immediately useful than most of the e-marketing books around. Because in the world of the blind, the one-eyed man is king!

And so there is no misunderstanding, here is exactly what you'll find inside the 'Website Success Blueprint" - all in complete and Easy to Follow Flow Charts.

(Actual Screenshot)

    Traffic Generation Strategies -
  • Why no one single traffic strategy is enough.
  • The Three main areas of traffic through search engines.
  • The two ways to use other people's websites to bring you free traffic
  • An often overlooked and incredibly cheap way to buy traffic
  • Powerful Viral Marketing Traffic
  • The Secrets of Blogs and RSS feeds that get your sites indexed almost overnight.

(Actual Screenshot)

    Lead Capture Strategies -
  • Avoid the greatest failing of the 'inexperienced' marketer..
  • The Three key elements to making your lead capture pages work.
  • How to literally 'force' people into making a decision.
  • What to do when they say "Yes"
  • What to do when they say "No".
  • How to build multiple sub-lists and expand your reach.
  • How to capitalise on every rejection you get.

(Actual Screenshot)

    Sales Process Strategies -
  • Breaking down the sales copy process.
  • The six key factors to writing good sales copy.
  • Understanding how people read your web pages.
  • How to create the Sales Funnel to your bank account.
  • Why you must get a commitment before people order.
  • The most powerful way to increase your sales volume by 30% each day.

(Actual Screenshot)

    Customer Retention Strategies -
  • How to create a profitable eMail follow up system.
  • Why you should automate this process from day one.
  • An unbelievably simple way to make your customers feel *extra* special.
  • Why you top customers and top affiliates are kings and queens.
  • When to contact your people and how often.

(Actual Screenshot)

    The Complete Overview -
  • Understand the entire process in just at just one glance.
  • Why traffic alone won't bring success.
  • How your leads fit into the sales and repeat sales formula.
  • Know that if you use only one of the four key areas you'll get one result -
  • But by using all four key areas in your business you can get up to Ten Times the result!

(Actual Screenshot)

    Additional Links and Resources -

    It's not enough to know where 'a thing' fits into the puzzle, you also have to know 'how to do it'.

    The additional links and resources section is incredibly comprehensive and covers every base required. After completing the blueprint, if you find you have a knowledge gap in a particular area, all you have to do is click the additional resources link and you'll be able to fill that gap to completion.

    THEN you'll be FULLY ARMED and READY to go and build your website empire.

"It's Like Having The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg!"

Owning 'The Website Success Blueprint' is like having the goose that laid the golden egg. You'll have all the information you need to create your very own automatic cash machine that can generate thousands of dollars for you while you sleep - right at your fingertips.

Because this is a Video and Audio program, we could easily charge $197 for the Online version of this manual. How do we know? Because we ran a pricing survey with beta testers and this is the price that many said they'd expect to pay!

But setting the price at $197 for this program would limit the number of people who could take advantage of it. Many of the people who need it most, simply wouldn't be the ones who get it.

Frankly, we are absolutely determined to stopping the 'little guy' from being ripped off by all the 'Internet Marketing Crap' being passed off nowadays that doesn't work for the average guy or girl.

That's why you can get 'The Website Success Blueprint'
for a steal at just $197 $97.

In my own words -

Update: I'm on a mission - I am so absolutely committed to stopping the little guy from being ripped off (like I was time and time again) that as part of a special marketing test, I am dropping the $97 price even lower to $87!

But be warned - I'm only doing this to see whether it gets 'The Website Success Blueprint' into more hands or not.

If it doesn't (or if it actually reduces the number because of quality perception problems), the price will rise again and you'll be forced to pay the full $97 or perhaps even $197.00!

- Paul Barrs.

Remember - This is the same manual that many of the top marketing gurus are now endorsing - and dozens of Newbies are just falling in love with.

It is also the same closely guarded secret processes that many Website Marketing Courses being sold online today don't tell you... and which could cost you up to Ten Times in lost sales and profits by not knowing them!

And you can get it all now for only $87.

But Wait... We Want To Make This A No-Brainer For You - So....

"Here's a Fantastic Selection of FREE Bonus Gifts For You,
If You Take Action Now!"

To prove how committed we are to getting 'The Website Success Blueprint' into as many hands as possible, we are going to throw in these highly coveted free bonuses.

Each is carefully hand selected to ensure they are of the highest quality.

We are totally convinced that each one will reveal at least one piece of marketing knowledge that will increase the bottom line of your business.

Here's how...

  • FREE BONUS # 1 - Resale Rights Profits.
    - A very neat little eBook that takes you step by step through the process of setting up a business that deals with reprint rights products. (Value $24.95)
  • FREE BONUS # 2 - The Net Marketing 2005 Seminar on CD.
    - Yes, a complete CD from the 2005 Net Marketing Seminar by one of the Internets Masters. (Value $69)
  • FREE BONUS # 3 - The Sales Letter Skills Seminar in MP3.
    - Copy writing for many is by far the most difficult thing to learn easily. This two part seminar will help you break down the barriers that lead to your online success. (Value $47.00)
  • FREE BONUS # 4 - Adsense Secrets (Special Preview)
    - While this hot new topic is not directly related to the contents of the Success Blueprint, i'ts ever increasing popularity and growth is so important in todays web business that I just had to have this special preview made available to you. (Value $29.00)
  • FREE BONUS # 5 - What Works in Internet Marketing
    - Ever wanted to get your hands on the latest strategies and techniques as explained by the biggest and brightest in Net Marketing? Now you can. (Value $137.00)
  • FREE BONUS # 6 - The 30 Minute Marketing Miracle
    - Discover how to turn any loser add into a 24/7 marketing machine. (Value $39.00)
  • FREE BONUS # 7 - How to Write Power eMails
    - In my own opinion, there is nothing batter than learning as you watch others in action. This is a powerfully simple flash video series that takes you by the hand towards the path or email success. (Value $67.00)
  • FREE BONUS # 8 - The Buy Impulse- Discover the 26 "mid control' tools that get more customers to spend more money more frequently. (Value $17.00)
  • FREE BONUS # 9 - Internet Copycatting
    - Read and review 9 different Internet Business models that you can learn and profit from. (Value $27.00)
  • FREE BONUS # 10 - 10 Steps to Killer Web Copy
    - Another brilliant tool to help you master killer web copy. Includes dynamic strategies from the worlds best copy writer and conversion strategist. (Value $17.00)
  • FREE BONUS # 11 - Million Dollar Niches
    - How to find and grow business from other people's passions and desires. (Value $27.00)
  • FREE BONUS # 12 - Become a Number One Affiliate
    - Discover the breakthrough 6-step formula to how one average guy sold over $55,000 of high ticket item in just 72 hours. It's called Power Affiliate Marketing. (Value $97.00)
  • FREE BONUS # 13 - The Easy PDF Toolkit
    - An incredible package of powerful tools and reports such as how to create PDF eBooks for free (just like I did), and many many more more bonuses as well. (Value $27.00)
  • FREE BONUS # 14 - HTML Basics
    - Never built a website before? Don't worry - this is a very easy to follow 18 chapter book on how to do just that. (Value $20.00)
  • FREE BONUS # 15 - The Instant Marketing Miracle JV Software
    - It doesn't get any easier than this - 35 incredible templates, set up in an easy to use "plug-and-play" format, that you can begin using immediately to create powerful Joint Ventures with other website owners. (Value ($97.00)
  • FREE BONUS # 16 - RSS Publishing 101
    - This is an Online eBook covering one of the hottest topics in todays Internet Business World. (Value $27.00)
  • FREE BONUS # 17 - Amazing Web Tools
    - 13 applications to use immediately that will help save you time, and definitely save you money. (Value $47.00)

PLUS: I've personally recorded five powerful BRAND NEW
audios which are to be part of a future Audio CD product
only to be sold at seminars. They are yours free.

  • FREE BONUS # 18 - Affiliate Program Marketing
  • FREE BONUS # 19 - The Power of Lead Capture Pages
  • FREE BONUS # 20 - Working with Audio Part One
  • FREE BONUS # 21 - Working with Audio Part Two
  • FREE BONUS # 22 - eMail Marketing Revealed
  • Total Value $197.00)

"But Paul, Why give away so many free bonuses?"

In total - the above gifts represents $1,002.95 in FREE BONUSES - Money you would have had to spend if you went elsewhere to get the same information!

Once you own 'The Website Success Blueprint, I want you to be fully confident that you can *and will* be able to build a successful Internet Business.

It goes without saying that you can never learn too much - in fact you may realise you still have *some* things to learn once you've completed all the material inside the "Blueprint" - but that doesn't mean I want you to go out and spend a whole ton of cash on things you don't need -

Each and every one of these bonuses have been selected to enhance your knowledge and creativity. They will only add to your success once you've devoured and mastered them. Not only that - they will save you $1,002.95 in lost revenue simply because you don't have to pay for them - THEY ARE YOURS FREE - with 'The Website Success Blueprint'.

That is reason enough for them to be included.

Now in case you have any lingering doubts about this whatsoever, I want to make it foolproof for you. You see, I completely guarantee that the proven strategies and techniques in this manual will work for you.

So here's my "Money-Back-Plus-A-$1,002.95-Gift" guarantee…

Here's my promise to you. If within 30 days:

1. You don't immediately see yourself making 300% more profits from your website with these proven techniques, or

2. You're not thrilled with everything I deliver, or

3. You simply want your money back…

Send me confirmation that you've deleted the course from your computer and you'll get a full, no questions asked, refund.

You can even keep ALL of the bonuses ($1,000 value) as my way of saying 'thank you' for giving me a try. This means that the worst that can happen is that you get a $1,002.95 of free gifts, whether you decide to keep this course or not.

Try 'The Website Success Blueprint' for 30 days with no risk whatsoever. The risk is completely mine.

Test-drive every strategy and technique to prove to yourself that they will make a real difference to your web site's sales and profits. If you aren't completely satisfied, I want you to send it back for a full refund… I'll even let you keep all the free bonus gifts.

That's right. If you send back this course within 30 days of purchase, you'll receive a FULL no questions asked refund, and still get to keep all the bonuses.

Anyone can offer you a "100% money-back guarantee." Big deal. What do they have to lose if you send their product back?

But only someone truly confident of his customers satisfaction and results would make such a guarantee. When you buy my course, I take all of the risk. If my course doesn't deliver, I'm the one who eats his shirt -- not you.

That's how confident I am that this breakthrough course will change forever the profitability of your website.

The truth is, you will never have to worry about a refund. Because once you start using these ingenious proven techniques and see the immediate increase in your sales and profits, I'm betting it will be impossible to get you to part with your copy of this powerful course.

"What's Your Business Worth To You?"

Picture this: It's a month or so from now, and without to much extra effort, or too many extra visitors or extra money spent, your website is generating double the sales it is today. And even better, you know that this is just the tip of the ice berg...

Now look back to this point in time and ask yourself what this increase in sales is worth to the profitability of your business.

I think you'll agree that it's worth far more than the measly $197 (as part of a special marketing test and for a limited time only, you can now get it for a steal at $87 until the testing period is over).

I guess you just need to ask yourself which one you'd rather have... The same mass marketed books that only rehash worn out internet marketing techniques that don't work on their own... Or a genuine competitive advantage?

Don't gamble with the success of your website. Take action now.

Click on the link below to access one of the most profitable marketing manuals online today, 'The Website Success Blueprint', via our secure online server.

And Remember, you have a full, unqualified 30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

- Order Now -

PS. I am so determined to getting 'The Website Success Blueprint' into your hands, that I am going to up the ante again. Invest in this manual today for $197 (as part of a special marketing test, you can now get it for a steal at $87 until the testing period is over) and receive the $1,000 plus worth of bonuses listed above.

  • PLUS: FREE BONUS # 23 - How to Profit From Public Domain Information
    - Are you completely clueless about how to get content for your next (or first) project? Don't be embarrassed, most people are. This 20-page Special Report will show you secrets you never knew existed! (Value $49.95)

So brings the FREE bonuses you'll get with 'The Website Success Blueprint' to a GRAND TOTAL of $1,052.90.

PPS. -- Remember, you're also protected by a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. Test-drive every strategy and technique to prove to yourself that they will make a real difference to your web site's sales and profits. If you aren't completely satisfied, I want you to send it back for a full refund… And don't forget, you still get to keep the $1,002.95 (now $1,052.90) worth off bonuses as our way of saying thanks for giving us a try.

- Get Paul Barrs' Success Blueprint Now -

PPPS. -- Still not convinced? Well here's what some more real people have said:


This is a terrific product. Once again Paul Barrs has a winner on his hands.

As soon as you have looked at the amount of content and the genuine usefulness of the information provided you will see what tremendous value it is.

'Website Success Blueprint' takes you in a clear and easy to follow way through all the steps and stages towards creating your own successful commercial web site. It doesn't just tell you what to do - it also shows you what to do. Paul Barrs has skillfully combined audio and video in a most effective way.

From the ebook that forms the core of this product there are a multitude of links to the audio and video explanations (which you can of course download to your own PC if you prefer to listen to them there off line).

Each topic is separated into its own bite-sized audio and/or video and you are advised to follow them in the order of the book from beginning to end. But the format allows you easily to pick and chose topics to suit yourself, so you don't have to listen to the whole program again just to get at the key item you want to check up on. It is very easy to use and very neat.

On top of all this you get wealth of bonuses.

This really is an excellent product. I thoroughly recommend it.

Arthur Cooper

"its the full package, no need to go anywhere else....

My advice to anyone getting started in internet marketing is to pick a good trainer like Paul Barrs and stick with him.

Buy all his stuff and follow it through because Paul tells it like it is and is honest, he will answer your emails and questions.

If you wander all over the net looking for free this and deals on that you will end up with a full in box every day and get nothing done while spending $$$$ on stuff you will not use, clogging your hard drive.

His members site also trains offline business skills as well as online, its the full package, no need to go anywhere else.

Michael Espiner


Wow! All I ever wanted to know to get started, in talk I can understand. Email queries on the trial version were answered by return.

Thanks Paul, I can't wait to put it all to use.

Malcolm Wallwork

I wish I had this information when I firststarted out...

For the last two hours I've been watching and listening to yourWebsite Success Blueprint. I have just been sitting here and absorbingall you had to teach. Boy I wish I had this information when I firststarted out. It would have saved me approximately 18 months off mylearning curve. You've taken me step by step and held me by the handthrough the down and dirty methods for making my website a success.

I just wanted to say that I loved your viral marketing methods videoas well as your "Shy Yes" secrets video. Sometimes I wish you wouldn'tshare these secrets with everybody.

Thank you Paul for creating this fantastic resource which can take anyzero to an online hero.

Paul Kleinmeulman

- Order The Success Blueprint Now -

Order the "Website Success Blueprint" Today!

Yes! Paul, Please give me access to the "Website Success Blueprint" and show me how I can build and grow my Web Business through the videos and audios you've brought together.

I understand that I will receive a single download able PDF file outlining each and every step of the Website Success Plan, which links to Online Video and Audio files in Windows Media Format. PLUS, I will receive a previously unmentioned FREE BONUS whereby I can also choose to Download all the Video's and Audios to my PC if I don't wish to watch them Online.

I also understand that this extra bonus download feature is for my own personal use alone - and I will not share them with any other person. I also understand that I can keep all the $1,052.90 in free bonus items this no matter what happens in the future.

And finally I understand that only I am responsible for the results that I achieve in direct proportion to the effort I put in - the "Website Success Blueprint" is one of the most powerful Internet Business Training Tools created and it will literally help to explode my Web Business as far as I want to take it!

Order Today for just USD $87.00 and watch your own Website Business Explode with the "Website Success Blueprint", along with todays (Free) bonuses representing a grand total of over $1,0000.00 worth of Website Business training materials.




Website Success Blueprint - Paul Barrs

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